What a fitting way to celebrate President’s Day! In celebration of President’s Day, OCEA’s first meeting of 2013 featured six of OCEA’s Past Presidents. Donna Grosso, Dennis Chaplin, Judy Lydick, Scott Hunt, Arwen Estelle and Debbi Faber all started their careers  in escrow much the same but have taken somewhat different paths to reach their current positions. Donna is currently a Regional manager while Judy Lydick is a consultant and expert witness.  Arwen and Dennis both run busy commercial desks. Scott sells escrow software and Debbi runs a busy desk that includes commercial, residential, manufactured homes and bulk sales.  One thing all the panel members have in common is that they ALL are still passionate about escrow and care that the next generation gets the proper training ! It was fun  hearing about their beginnings, their successes, failures, stresses, and how they relax. 

February meeting SPONSORS:  Thank you to Margie Coenraad-Martinez with Bank of the West and Larry O’Brien with Escrow Training Institute who were the February meeting sponsors. 

OCEA SILVER SPONSORS attached:  A big Thank you! to our 2013 Silver Sponsors. OCEA would not enjoy the successes and the distinction of having the largest membership of any CEA Regional Association without them!   Be sure to let them know how much we appreciate them.   

Raffle Prize donations: We also want to thank the companies who donated Raffle Prizes: A Team Staffing, Bank of the West, Citizens Business Bank, City National Bank, Comerica Bank, Commerce National Bank, Escrow Training Institute, East West Bank, First Corporate Solutions, FPS Summit, Notary Public Network, Opus Bank, RBJ Software, and SMS. Congrats to all those who won the Raffle prizes! We love our Associates!  Thank you again!

OCEA Educational Partner. Thank you to Escrow Training Institute for being OCEA’s Educational partner once again.

Mark your calendars for upcoming events:

April Mini workshop is back!  An hour before the April General Membership meeting, the Mini workshop will be back by popular demand with Anthony Bourg from Bank of the West presenting “Anthony’s Outlook 2.0” - an update and refresher with an intro to Twitter.  Mini workshop will be co-sponsored by Escrow Training Institute and Bank of the West.  1 PD credit available!  Don’t miss the 6PM start time. 

The April General Membership meeting will feature Jean Pasco from the OC Clerk/Recorder. They are anxious to share info about recording reject issues and lots more!  Dinner sponsors are Linda Doll with CNB and Scott Hunt with FPS Summit.

Upcoming OCEA and Escrow Training Institute joint educational events: May 11-Bulk Sale III, and June  8 Day of Education. Watch for info to follow.

Not yet a member?  Join us!  Visit our website: www.o-c-e-a.org.  Already a member? Be sure to verify your info on the website and update as needed.

See you at the Wyndham April 17th for more education, networking, fun, and Raffle prizes!

Your OCEA Board of Directors.