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The California Escrow Association (“CEA”) recently changed some of its membership classifications.  As a result, the bylaws of the Orange County Escrow Association (“OCEA”) have been re-drafted so that the membership classifications in OCEA’s bylaws mirror those of CEA.  At the same time, a complete review and re-drafting of OCEA’s bylaws was completed.  California law requires that any change to an association’s bylaws that affect membership classifications be adopted by a vote of the general membership.  OCEA will hold this vote at our April general membership meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 16, 2014.  Accordingly, below are links to both OCEA’s current bylaws and to the proposed bylaws.  Please take the time to review the proposed bylaws and be prepared to vote on their adoption at the April general membership meeting.  Should you have any questions and/or comments concerning the proposed bylaws please contact Dennis Chaplin, Debbie Faber and/or Sammy Simpson at their telephone number or e-mail addresses below.

Dennis Chaplin   
(714) 415-7591
Debbi Faber      
(949) 494-7531
Sammy Simpson
(714) 269-2371