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Happy New Year!

To all of my fellow members of OCEA, I would like to wish you all my best wishes for a safe and prosperous new year. Personally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who supported me in my dream to become OCEA President for 2015!

With all of the major changes that are coming our way, I cannot help but be excited at the opportunity to face the new procedures head-on and learn yet even more skills. With the upcoming CFPB requirements and the obstacles we will undoubtedly encounter, I am choosing to look at this as just one more aspect of my job that makes me glad that I am involved with such a wonderful group as OCEA. I am looking forward to this with the dedication that we will all need to have in order to successfully navigate these upcoming changes. With more education, and the support of our fellow members, I am confident that we will all rise to the occasion and master the new skills, as well. I have made it my personal mission that we will provide more education, workshops, and support to help us all through this period of change with as little stress as possible. Knowledge is power!

I am also looking forward to this new year with the hope that OCEA will be once again be in the position to offer scholarships to our members who will want to attend the 2015 CEA Educational Conference in Long Beach. With this in mind, your Directors and I are planning to hold some additional fundraising events to make this possible. Remember the Bowling Tournaments, Manager Auctions, and the GREAT raffles? Well, it is all coming back and I am excited to lead the group with enthusiasm and sparkle!

As OCEA’s members, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas for helping to make this association all that it can be– please feel free to contact me throughout the year.

Your proud 2015 OCEA President,
Michelle Rahe