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Hello Members:

Whoosh!  January sped by in a big hurry, didn’t it!?

We’re very excited to be bringing you the biggest guns we could find for our February 15 meeting– including not only the FBI, but also a Secret Service Agent!  These agencies are taking cyber crime and security very seriously.  Invest just a couple of hours with us-- catch up with your escrow buddies, maybe enjoy a cocktail, and come away with the most up-to-date information on the latest wrinkles and changes affecting our industry.

Seating IS limited.  I’m told that as of this morning, there are already 13 people from OCAR who are making reservations, and we expect more such special guests. Don’t miss out – make your reservation early.   This is going to be a great meeting!

Debi Peters, CSEO

We’re SUPER excited to be stepping into the 21st Century.  As of TODAY, you can make your meeting reservation and pay by credit card on line.  Oh, yes, you can!  Just log in to will get you right to our meeting notice. Follow the prompts to enter your name and meal choice, etc.  You’ll see details including the small fee that will be added to your card for this convenience.  We’ll look forward to hearing your comments about the service, as this is our very first test run.

As an OCEA member attending educational events, you are the best informed of anybody out there handling escrows.  Kudos to you! You have learned about best practices, and have heard the scary stories about escrows gone wrong.  

So, how many times have you heard from a Realtor or Loan Officer, “So-and-So at BrandX Escrow down the street from you will do ___,” when you know very well that ___ is not a good, safe thing to do?  The Realtors and Loan Officers may not even be aware that what they’re asking is dangerous, and if others go along with their requests, it may look to them as if you’re just not a team player.

What if YOU could help OCEA close the circle on that kind of education?  Actually, you CAN!  We are looking to expand our membership and our mailing list, to get notifications out to as many OC escrow personnel as possible.  With escrow being governed by so many agencies, it’s always been difficult to find and reach those at broker-owned and title company escrows, in particular.

Please email us the company names and individuals’ contact information for other escrow companies in your neighborhood, and we’ll do the rest.  What they don’t know can hurt them – and all of us.  If each-one-reaches-one, we can take steps to raise the professionalism of our industry throughout OC and beyond. 

On a sad note, we have learned today of the passing of Jack Enda, a long time friend of OCEA. Jack was a quiet, gentle man who knew the title industry inside and out. It was my pleasure to know him and to have had opportunities to work with him. According to Greg Sherman at DPS, “Not only was he a valued asset to DPS, he was also a friend and great person. Please join us in celebrating his life as he did, instead of mourning our loss.   Godspeed Jack!”
For those of you that would like more information on memorial services, please visit:

We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues on  February 15.  Please see the details on the meeting notice, and at Eventbrite

Thank you,
Debi Peters, CSEO, OCEA 2017 President