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As I look out my office window, I notice it’s starting to get dark before I leave, which tells me summer is behind us and we are going into fall. I’m looking forward to the holidays -- soon we will be wrapping up 2021. Wow, how the year has just flown by!


The 2022 CEA Executive Board was elected at the Board of Directors’ meeting in August. Congratulations to OCEA’s own Debbi Faber!

CEA’s officers for 2022 are as follows:

Confirmation of President - Susan Paul
President-Elect - Rosanna Medeiros
Vice President - Debbi Faber
Secretary-Treasurer - Colleen Graves


I hope you are able to attend what will be an amazing CEA Conference this year! I know we are all busy with our escrow desks, but escrow is not static. Market trends and laws affecting our industry change all the time, making it so important that we all make the time to keep up with timely topics and education.

Conference will be in person at the Hilton in Costa Mesa, October 8 & 9, 2021. Get your registrations in and sign up for conference!


  • Vetting bill SB-350: has been extended another 5 years.
  • RON- AB1093: It’s possible this may get done in 2022. There is quite a coalition pushing to see if California will approve it. 30+ states now allow and some may be permanent while some may be emergency use only.

Racial Covenants - AB1466: These covenants were made unenforceable in 1948, but the language is still there in the recorded documents. This bill would require title companies to SEARCH for those covenants and redact them.

Robin Alvarez

Celebrating 70 Years of Unlocking Education


Our membership is currently down and we need the support of everyone in our industry in order to continue to bring education to you on the local, state and national levels.

CEA has an introductory promotion for new members (only) to receive the balance of 2021 free and 2022 membership, all for just $100.00. This is open to NEW “State Only” members - those who have never been members of CEA before and who sign up before November 30, 2021.

Benjamin Franklin said it well: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” OCEA members, thank you for making that investment in yourselves. Please encourage your colleagues and coworkers to take advantage of this great price!

Stay safe and be well, everyone!


Robin Alvarez, CEO, CSEO
2021 OCEA President

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