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Hello Members:

Fall is here and TRID is in the air! The federally mandated changes have arrived and we will survive! With the information we have gathered, the meetings we have attended and the exercises we have practiced, I am confident that we will tackle the new guidelines and prosper. I  am sure that this will be just another challenge that a few years from now we will look back and reflect that it was not so bad after all. In these times of change, I think it is important to reflect on our basic knowledge and go forward without losing sight of our core values. We are not relearning escrow, only the procedures! The Orange County Escrow Association, with its affiliates, has prepared us with the tools needed to “adjust and adapt”. Our network of members is the best support one could wish for. We are so fortunate for the community of people we associate with and rely on for help. We are dedicated to keeping you informed of all the latest requirements, changes, adjustments we will need to adhere to.

Our September dinner meeting speaker, Lisa Tyler, has graciously shared her presentation with us, as promised.  View the presentation online.

Please remember that the Annual CEA Conference is coming up at the end of October, it is not too late to sign up to attend. The conference offers a wealth of information and I would recommend it highly to anyone who has not yet experienced the event.  I would like to take this opportunity to personally congratulate the members of my staff that took advantage of the scholarships that were offered. I am very proud that they took the time to complete the simple, short applications. As always, I would also like to thank our affiliates for their continued support and sponsorship of the raffles. We were able to raise a substantial amount for OCEA last month and those funds help for further education within our region.

And A Big Thank You to Our September Sponsors!

Remember, no dinner meeting in October!

Michelle Rahe, President

Michelle Rahe
2015 OCEA President